The history of Maximus Coffee Group is the history of the de Aldecoa family. The family’s passion for great coffee spans three generations of involvement in every area of the industry.

In 1928, Carlos de Aldecoa Fernandez started a coffee roasting company in Madrid, Spain. With the coming of the Spanish Civil War, he moved his family – and the business – to Córdoba, Mexico, and began a coffee packaging operation, producing fractional packs for the hospitality industry and other roasters.

His son, Carlos de Aldecoa, joined the family business in 1962, expanding the roasting business to include coffee companies in the United States. In the early 1980’s, he built a decaffeination plant in Mexico, processing coffee for several Mexican and American companies.

In 1985, Mr. de Aldecoa expanded to Houston, Texas, adding a coffee trading service for his roasting customers.

Business grew quickly – in 1987 a coffee processing plant was built, and in 1997 a larger facility was acquired and transformed into a green coffee processing, roasting and packing plant. Due to the eliminations of an outdated Texas tax law – a change spearheaded by Mr. de Aldecoa and his son Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno – the Port of Houston’s importation of green coffee exploded. Today, it ranks as one of the leading coffee ports in the world, and the fastest growing in the United States.

In December of 2006, Maximus Coffee Group acquired Houston’s Kraft-Maxwell House facility. In addition to offering natural decaffeination, the plant is the most integrated coffee facility in the world.

Today, the family business is led by Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno, grandson of the firm’s founder. An industrial engineer with a passion for coffee, he leads an experienced team toward a vision of the Maximus Coffee Group as the world’s most dynamic, forward-thinking coffee company. This vision is defined by what is important to today’s consumers, retailers, food service operators and distributors: operational excellence and consistency, sustainable energy practices, natural decaffeination, and the building of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Mission

Maximus Coffee Group will be the premier coffee and related products manufacturing group in North America, providing the most integrated, world-class services and products at the highest quality and value to its long-term clients.

Did you know...
We are the only fully integrated private-label instant coffee manufacturing operation in North America, and our soluble (instant) coffees merit just as much attention and care as the rest. Applying our science of careful bean selection, roast blending, agglomeration, and aromatization ensures our soluble coffee products are rich and up to par.
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