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Working with Maximus Coffee Group means an investment in a trusted partner skilled in the processing and manufacture of world-class coffee products. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to strengthen the performance of our customers’ private label brands in the marketplace, while giving them the confidence to broaden their sales and marketing efforts. In addition to our core operational benefits- outstanding scale and reach, versatility, and superior quality control- Maximus Coffee Group offers additional market place benefits to our customers including certified green practices and natural decaffeination, and we’re developing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. These benefits can help our customers’ products stand out on the shelf.

We understand how hard it is to build a brand. Whether your brand is sold in retail or food service or both, a brand with substantial marketplace equity is an incredible asset that must be protected. As consumers’ tastes change and brand owners seek to differentiate their brands against strong competition, we are eager to work with our customers to ensure they remain competitive long-term. We take this challenge seriously and view it as a way that we can differentiate our company as the best partner available to support and contribute to your success.

Finally, Maximus Coffee Group provides our customers with confidence born from our long experience in a competitive industry, and from our family traditions of accountability and excellence.

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Our management strength comes from our shared passion and drive for the crafting the best quality coffee, and three generations of family commitment to the coffee industry.
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