Maximus Coffee Group produces distinctive, high-quality soluble (instant) coffees. We begin with the careful selection of beans, then we develop and monitor roasting profiles that maintain optimum flavor and aroma. We also provide unlimited blending capabilities to match your specific branding and packaging needs.

Our soluble coffee facility has the capacity to produce soluble coffee in volumes large enough to meet any need. Our facilities include:

  • Three extraction sets
  • Two spray towers
  • Two agglomerators
  • Aroma recovery and addback

We can perform multiple component blending prior to agglomeration (an agglomerator bonds the coffee particles together to make the instant coffee grounds), allowing the use of both in-house and third-party produced powder. We employ the latest aromatization (aromatization is the process of adding the natural aroma components of roasted coffee in to the instant coffee) technologies to ensure that our soluble coffee products are rich in flavor and aroma.

Maximus Coffee Group packages soluble coffee products on-site, using your choice of handling equipment: supersacks, 50lb boxes, totes or private-label jars.

We offer both spray- dried, perculation and agglomerated instant coffees.

50lb Cardboard Boxes

50lb Cardboard Boxes

Bulk 50lb box.
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Did you know...
The Maximus plant is North America’s largest integrated roasting, decaffeination, soluble and packaging facility, in addition to handling rice packaging and powdered soft drinks.
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