Quality Assurance

Our customers trust us to preserve, protect, and build the strength of their brands. Our extensive investment in quality is designed to ensure that every product we produce meets our customer’s very highest standards.

Maximus Coffee Group’s quality assurance program includes:

  • Production conducted in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points – certified facilities, with mock recalls conducted every 6 months
  • Full traceability reports for every shipment, including initial components, blend percentage and lot identification
  • Automated blend control, certified to 99 percent accuracy
  • Automated data collection and analysis of quality parameters
  • Cupping of both individual components and final blends for quality verification
  • An FDA-certified food lab using ISO standards
  • BRC Certified
  • NSF-Cook and Thurber audits
Did you know...
We are the only fully integrated private-label instant coffee manufacturing operation in North America, and our soluble (instant) coffees merit just as much attention and care as the rest. Applying our science of careful bean selection, roast blending, agglomeration, and aromatization ensures our soluble coffee products are rich and up to par.
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