Research & Development

Today, consumers can chose from a wide variety of coffee brands, varietals and blends. Customers are more passionate than ever about creating their perfect cup every day. We can help our customers develop a unique blend or source coffee from a particular region to create a flavor profile they can call their own.

We use our quality assurance lab to formally cup our current customers’ products while we are in the process of making them.

Our Quality Assurance Lab formally cups and roasts small batches of coffee that our current or potential customers may be considering for new products or changes to existing products.

Did you know...
We are the only fully integrated private-label instant coffee manufacturing operation in North America, and our soluble (instant) coffees merit just as much attention and care as the rest. Applying our science of careful bean selection, roast blending, agglomeration, and aromatization ensures our soluble coffee products are rich and up to par.
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