Powder Soft Drink

Maximus Coffee Group offers powdered beverage mixing and packaging. No matter the size or complexity of your needs, Maximus is committed to fulfilling them to the highest quality standards in one single location. Resources available for powdered beverages are:

  • Food Service or Retail Packaging
  • 6-32 Ounce Packaging
  • A team of FDA-certified food service experts specializing in hot and cold drinks
  • Sugar and Sugar-Free Mixing, Blending, and Packaging Capabilities

Maximus’ premier reputation in the industry, commitment to quality and innovation, and range of services set it miles ahead of its closest competitors. Maximus is committed to providing the highest quality services in the food industry.

Stick Pack

Stick Pack

Metallic film packed in cartons with 7/24/30/100 packets in each carton or 1,000 random packets.
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A company rooted in family history and tradition, we have grown to become the world’s leader in natural decaffeination, as well as the most integrated coffee facility in North America. We pride ourselves in operational excellence, sustainable energy practices, and quality products.
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