Social Responsibility

Maximus Coffee Group is committed to reducing our impact on the environment on several fronts. In addition to our commitment to a natural decaffeination process and our active development of sustainable packaging solutions, we are working to reduce our operational impact on the environment.

For example, we are an EPA Green Power Partner, with one-third of our energy coming from alternative sources, primarily wind generation. Rather than sending all our coffee waste to a landfill, we burn a portion of it to produce energy to run our boilers. Plus, we use energy-saving fluorescent bulbs throughout the facility to further reduce our overall demand for electricity. Read more on the EPA Green Power Partner website.

Recycling is another environmentally-friendly focus. We recycle the glass jars used for instant coffee, cardboard boxes, packaging film, and even the water used during manufacturing — reused for external cleaning.

All of these efforts not only benefit the environment, but can benefit our customers, by allowing our customers to include the EPA Green Power Partner label on coffee produced in Maximus facilities.

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