Packaging Innovations

We believe packaging innovation is the next big opportunity for manufacturers to help protect the environment and our natural resources. Currently, we are applying the principles of sustainability to packaging by working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging we use to contain and ship our products, and incorporate more recycled and sustainable material into our packaging.

Here is a list of additional ways to make packaging more sustainable:

  • Eliminate toxins (white boxes could be considered part of this group)
  • Review the entire packaging system – from raw material sourcing to transportation – and identify opportunities to improve or add sustainable practices
  • Design products using materials that allow the products to be completely recycled.
  • Adopt or incorporate reusable packaging (gaining mass use in Europe now)
  • Design products using materials that allow the products to be composted.
  • Reduce unnecessary packaging

As we work to adopt sustainable packaging solutions, we welcome the opportunity to pioneer the development of new solutions with our customers. We believe that partnering in this area is not only the right thing to do for future generations but also offers our customers the opportunity to strengthen their brands for many years to come.

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We offer diverse brand packaging solutions, from traditional cans and jars to the latest filter packs, pods, boxes and zip top bags.
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